Burglary Protection

Cable-wired switchboard

    • 16 programmable zones, extendible to 1056
    • Up to 300 user codes
  • Built-in phone selection/modem for up/downloading and connection to the control room
  • Multiple partitions
  • Remote control via smartphone or tablet is possible
  • Memory for at least 250 events


Since it is important to select the adequate detectors for the appropriate use, ASEQ offers a wide choice of detectors (infrared, double detectors, double detectors with anti-mask, we prefer not to use pets-compatible detectors) as well as a large variety of magnet contacts (built-in, external, gate contacts).

Wireless switchboard

    • Quick and easy installation
    • Up to 200 zones
  • Up to 100 user codes
  • Lithium batteries with an average lifespan of 2 years
  • Alarm reporting through control room/gsm/sms
  • Several partitions


The exterior siren makes your alarm system visible to the outside world. The advantage is that the majority of potential burglars is scared off by the presence of an alarm system. ASEQalways chooses a durable siren in a modern stainless steel design. An interior siren will disorient and rush the burglar, so he will run away faster.


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