ASEQ link Police on web Weblink
To register new and existing alarm systems on the website of the federal police. (dutch)
ASEQ link Incert: Weblink
INCERT is the Belgian quality label accepted by insurance companies and the federal government. (dutch)
ASEQ link Securitas: Weblink
ASEQ works in close collaboration with the Securitas control room to ensure a correct and quick response to your alerts 24/7. (dutch)
ASEQ link Video surveillance legislation: Weblink
Early 2007 a new law on video surveillance was adopted. It clearly states where cameras can be installed and where it would be considered an invasion of privacy. Every camera installation must also be reported to the privacy commission. (dutch)
ASEQ link Reporting camera installation: Weblink
To register new and existing surveillance cameras on the website of the privacy commission. (dutch)